Kevin Stanley



Kevin Stanley is an American singer-songwriter from Southern California. His sound, influenced by many genres, is a mixture of Jeff Buckley and Chris Cornell. “Songwriting is such a release for me, even writing in general. It’s like the exact energy that you feel when you’re writing is translated into the song.” Kevin plays guitar, bass, drums and keys on his recordings, as well as mixing and mastering them, making him a completely independent artist. His debut Mission Pacific dropped in July 2015. A new release is brewing and should be expected by Summer 2016. He is soon to embark on a tour of the West Coast traveling only by train.

Even while preparing for his release and tour, and being in and out of the studio, Kevin still finds a place between creativity and taking care of business. “I normally write really late at night; having a midnight coffee with a guitar in my hand is my favorite place to be.”

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